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Specialised Aviation Training with RHO Aviation

RHO Aviation Training Services is an Australian-based company providing specialised aviation training and assessment services throughout Australia.

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Specialised training courses tailored to your specific needs.

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Our mission is to provide superior turn-key aviation training solutions to corporate and government clientele. We aim to foster a culture of continuous improvement and safety within the aviation community by delivering comprehensive and customised training experiences that meet the dynamic needs of the industry.
Our speciality is Aircraft underwater escape & survival (AUES), (commonly known as HUET – Helicopter Underwater Escape Training) and Emergency Breathing Systems Training (EBS). EBS can be incorporated as part of the AUES/HUET course or as a separate training program.

Why choose us

  • Veteran owned Registered Training Organisation providing targeted and effective training solutions.

  • Two decades of providing industry leading training nationally.

  • A team with direct links to commercial and military aviation, with a passion for training and are focused on providing a fully-immersive training experience.

  • Providing Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) for industry professionals in the field of Air Crew and Rescue Crew Officer.

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What we do?

Our specialties

AUES/HUET, EBS, Aviation Qualifications, Crew Training.

  • Courses

    Aircraft underwater escape & survival (AUES)

    Both the AUES / HUET courses RHO Aviation offers are accredited Units of training under the Australian Quality Training Framework. All trainees upon successfully completing the course will receive a nationally recognised Statement of Attainment and an enhanced level of knowledge which may, one day, save their life.

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    Emergency Breathing Systems Training (EBS)

    The RHO Aviation EBS course will teach you the skills required to ensure you are confident in using your Emergency Breathing System appropriately and safely. Focusing on integrating the system in your escape plan.

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    Industry leading vocational assessment services

    RHO Aviation Training Services is able to provide specialised aircrew and supplemental mission crew training in a variety of specialties including EMS, SAR, Airborne Law Enforcement and airside personnel.

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Our trainers are experienced and thoroughly qualified

Our instructors have extensive backgrounds in various fields including SAR/EMS, law enforcement and the military. They take the time to ensure you receive the best possible training and strive to pass on their vital knowledge and experience to you in a relaxed, professional, well-paced manner.

If you or your organisation requires OPITO endorsed training, please contact our training associates – ERGT Australia. ( In addition, if you or your team require Crew Resource Management (CRM) training, we recommend the training provided by Independent Productions and Aviation Services (IPAS). Their CRM course has been tailored for helicopter operations both in Australia and overseas, with an emphasis on crew coordination within the helicopter environment focusing on aircrew and non-aircrew trained mission crew.


Our clients

Rho Aviation proudly serves goverment, federal and private industries.


Our clients love our training

Garth J. Leesmand

Having that HEED Ill (a version of EBS) was probably the most important piece of equipment that I used that day, because it gave me three important things. It gave me confidence, time and it performed flawlessly inverted, in rough seas and jet fuel.

Helicopter Pilot