Flight Crew Logbooks

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“A record of your life time achievements in the aviation industry”


Specifically designed for non-pilot aircrew. Incorporating NVG and FLIR columns.

Design and Layout

Click HERE to download the logbook Flyer (PDF)

Click HERE to download the logbook layout (PDF)

The logbook is divided into 4 sections:

• Qualifications and Renewals
• Record of Medical Training and Tests
• Record of Flying Hours
• Record of Employment

Section 3 – Record of Flying Hours

This makes up the majority of the Logbook with table entries provided for:

• Mission / task date
• Aircraft type & registration
• Captain/crew
• Aircrew duty
• Flight Details
• Day/night/EO/NVD
• Crew Airborne Instruction
• Transfer of previous totals
• Summary of Monthly and Grand Totals.
• Certification section for Chief Pilot/Chief Crew

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