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RHO Aviation is proud to announce they are the preferred supplier of HUET to the South Australian Government

RHO now provides accredited training from the Aviation Training Package:

AVIF2014 Undertake aircraft underwater escape and survival
AVIF2015 Utilise emergency breathing system

New 4 seat ‘Dunker’ is operational

RHO Aviation is pleased to announce the completion of a brand new four person procedural HUET trainer. The Four Person Procedural Trainer or 4PET as it is known is the latest in aircraft escape training devices. It provides superior procedural escape design in layout and exit operation and unsurpassed interaction between the student and instructor allowing quality training and assessment.

Key features of the 4PET are four-point harnesses simulating realistic functionality coupled with push-out and jettisonable exit options for all seats. Mounted on a proven adaptive flotation system, developed by Mark Eagleson, the 4PET doesn’t require a crane and is able to be operated in as little as 1.2 metres of water.

“The 4PET is a fantastic tool to teach escape technique and instil confidence for those people who fly over water.”