Helicopter Underwater Escape Training (HUET)

RHO Aviation’s HUET course teaches you the skills you need to escape a submerged helicopter or other vehicle. Using our specially designed Helicopter Procedural Escape Trainers (HeliPET and 4PET), we can come to you and provide you all the training you need.

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Emergency Breathing Systems (EBS)

The RHO Aviation EBS course will teach you the dangers of breathing compressed air and how to safely avoid these dangers, how to locate and activate the device underwater with no or limited visibility… and then after all that, escape the aircraft!

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Aircrew and Supplemental Mission Crew Training

RHO Aviation Training Services is able to provide specialised aircrew and supplemental mission crew training in a variety of specialties including EMS, SAR, Airborne Law Enforcement and Electricity Linesman airborne inspection.

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Crew Resource Management (CRM)

RHO Aviation can provide you with a unique variation to the typical CRM courses on offer today. The course has been developed using the CASA recommended syllabus but with a twist… It can be adapted not only for aircrew, but for ‘mission crew’ as well!

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RHO Aviation Training Services is an Australian-based company providing specialised training in Helicopter Underwater Escape Training (HUET) and Emergency Breathing Systems (EBS) using either the Helicopter Emergency Egress Devices (HEEDs) or the Helicopter Aircrew Breathing Device (HABD).  EBS can be incorporated as part of the HUET course or as a separate training program.

We also provide training in Crew Resource Management (CRM). Our CRM course has been tailored for helicopter operations both in Australia and overseas with an emphasis on crew coordination within the helicopter environment focusing on aircrew and non-aircrew trained mission crew.

All RHO Aviation Training Services’ instructors have comprehensive knowledge and experience in the subjects they teach. Our HUET, EBS and CRM training courses can be tailored to your specific needs in Australia, South-East Asia or anywhere in the world – With our portable training simulators we can come to you, saving you time and money!

Our instructors have extensive backgrounds in various fields including SAR/EMS, police and the military.  They take the time to ensure you receive the best possible training and strive to pass on their vital knowledge to you in a relaxed, professional, well paced manner.

If you or your organisation requires OPITO endorsed training, please contact ERGT.


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